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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  November 3, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> it has been all day, the hearing just ended. it was on a state request to send the brothers animal cruelty case to the adult court system. during the proceedings today, both sides revealed strategies. when two brothers go on trial for the may burning death of a pit bull, prosecutors will paint the to as a serious public safety risk who were involved with gangs. that strategy was revealed as the attorneys tussled over jurisdiction in juvenile court today. this state once the felony animal cruelty case moved to the adult system, given the nature of the offense, contact the chronic truancy, and violation of probation. tremaine probation officer testified today. >> quite impressed me was how
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seriously the state attorney's office is taking this. the court listened to testimony for hours. that is very gratifying. >> the assistant city attorney told the judge to that witness accounts proved deeper this intentionally tortured and mutilated phoenix. the twins used a vacant home at 1616 gilmore st. to keep their pit bull and police found signs of dogs and gang activity there. he is associated with a gang known as the 1600 boys, she said the tremaine. he bears tattoos related to that name. -- related to the gang. public defender marks evenfall argued that his targeclient had mental issues. he had untraded serious
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depression, has brain tumors, and recently underwent brain surgery. doing this in juvenile court gives them the help he needs. but the judge disagreed. both boys and their felony charges of animal abuse have been moved up to the adult criminal court system and both boys were taken to central booking. >> a baltimore county man is charged with the murder of a 15- month-old baby. bryan murray savage was arrested this morning police say he was taking care of his girlfriend's son at their assets, and the boy stopped responding. the trouble sticking to the hospital and pronounced dead. the oktaha 3 -- the autopsy revealed that he was bruised. the boy friend said that he was roughhousing with the infant and
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he rolled on top of him. the has been charged with first- degree murder. attorneys for [unintelligible] mohammed is said to die in virginia by lethal injection one week from today. last month, they asked virginia governor for clemency. muhammed was convicted for killing a man ready manassas gas station in 2002. that shooting was one in a series of attacks that left 10 people dead and three others wounded in d.c., maryland, and virginia. >> it is election day in several states. there is also a congressional seat being filled in upstate new york. political experts are watching this election to see what it says about president obama and whether he is still in step with the independent voters that helped put him in office. >> in this off-year election, president obama was not on any ballot anywhere and the white house rejects the notion that
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the voters' main be sending a message to let the president -- to the president and his party. >> i do not see how the elections in virginia and new jersey portend political success in the future. i do not. >> i truly do believe that there is a political rebellion going on in our country. >> in the democratic stronghold of new jersey, john corzine was in a tight three-way race with chris christie and chris daggett. but this voter wanted to send a message to washington. >> i think there's an awful lot of frustration and new jersey over what is going on, particularly the incredible amount of spending. >> the was hoping to become the first republican governor in eight years by defeating democrat creecred e.
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the gop can acquit the race for the 23rd congressional seat, saying she has taken too much abuse from her own party members who questioned her values. now she is backing the democrat. across the country, it has been mostly like turnouts in races that people see a referendum on the president. some see virginia is the most important test. it is the swing state and the president won a critical victory there last year. >> voters in frederick and annapolis are heading to the polls today. residents will be choosing their next mayor. >> this is a three-way race to replace allen moyer as the annapolis mayor. turnout has been low today. we are expected to have a winner tonight. >> hang in there.
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>> republican dave cordell hopes to seek an upset in a largely democratic town. >> it has its hard-core politicos. i would like to see the public more engaged. with this seek more people come out, if you can get out. if you cannot get out, contact my campaign. we will get you some rights. a lot people complain. now is the time to make the change that the city needs. >> judge: won the democratic nomination after the original winner -- joshua cohen won the democratic nomination after the original winner dropped out. >> there is a strong undercurrent of change. people are very concerned. i am very concerned about some of the management mistakes at city hall. and up the annapolis is a small town. it is a beautiful town.
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by the same token, our government has an $86 million budget. we need to do things more efficiently for taxpayers. >> annapolis, like all maryland cities, they're trying to do more with less. the key issue in 2010, is economics. at the places we visited today, the turnout was only 15% to 20%. they are expecting an evening rush. the polls are open until 8:00 p.m. >> the company is proposing another location for a slot parlor. they have offered to sell more than 80 acres of land and to the vw pkwy. the company would presumably sold to the cornish company. they're looking for an streetlights -- they're looking for a state license for gaming. the stakes lots commission has given the council until mid- december to resolve the issue.
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-- the state slots commission has given the council until mid- december to resolve the issue. fres >> there's not much in the way of rain. there are only a few scattered showers up by the new york state border. it is still 60 degrees in just a town. it is 61 degrees in downtown baltimore. afternoon readings are only in the mid-40's in the mountains. there is a frost advisory of for literature night -- for later tonight. >> there is a new program in maryland hospitals and that more and proper hand washing. it is called the hospital had hygiene collaborative.
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they want state's hospitals to watch how well they wash their hands. the goal is to reduce health- care required infections -- health care-acquired infections. >> the initiative is the important, but the timing is critical. h1n1 and the pandemic we face is something where we'll have to work together to do everything we possibly can to protect our health care workers, to protect our patients, and to protect our communities. >> that program is funded by $100,000 in stimulus money. >> we have the very latest on the national efforts to stop the spread of the swine flu. officials say that, so far, there have been hardly any cases of the seasonal flu, only h1n1. but they say that this one flu is still spreading. california release date report that said, do not believe that this is just a young person's disease.
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>> for many kids, it is a painful reality. so far, almost 32 million doses have been distributed, on track for 10 million more this week alone. but it is not with the cdc hoped to be right now. >> if you deny get a job right away, if it hits you, -- if you do not get a shot right away, if it hits you, you could pass away. >> that is not just for the young. a study showed that h1n1 could be deadly at all ages, funding 11% of hospitalized cases in the state were fatal. the average time from the first sentence to death was 12 days. >> another interesting fact we found was that there is a cross-
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section of the elderly who have some pre-existing immunity. however, in our city, they still ended up dying. >> providers should think of h1n1 influenza in all age groups. it does not change what our recommendations would be for vaccination. >> that leaves all the people of all ages doing what they can to keep the virus away while they wait for more vaccines. >> officials warned that, while we have not seen any significant seasonal flu, is too early to see what the flu season might hold. they are urging people to get both vaccines when they are available. you can log onto our website, there is a special section on the hot topics. >> coming up next, we will look at the state of stress in america. do you wonder how your stress rates next to your neighbors?
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it turns out that a lot of parents have no idea. >> are you thinking of cashing in those frequent flyer miles for the holiday season? >> student enrollment numbers are on the rise at one local suits -- one locals insist -- one local school system. one local school system.
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>> this morning, they demonstrated some very simple steps needed to conserve energy. volunteers from rebuilding together and aarp prepared for a new coat of paint and insulated a hot water heater. there replaced candescent levels. -- they replaced candescent light bulbs. >> new research is leading sleep apnea and teeth grinding. researchers found one in four patients with obstructive sleep apnea and they suffer from teeth grinding. if the grinding is left
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untreated, it could lead to tooth decay, job pain, headache. restless leg syndrome is also connected they tested almost two hundred patients. it is a condition that cost an irresistible urge to move lives while sleeping. they found caucasian women were four times more likely than african-american women to have the condition. doctors say they do not know why appeared they speculated could be a combination of -- do not know why. they speculated it could be a combination of many things. >> it may be no shock to learn americans are stressed out. but in the latest snapshot from the american psychological association, the analysts stressed survey has some
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surprises, especially for parents. >> we were really kind of surprised to see that children are reporting higher levels of stress than their parents realize. >> in fact, only 3% of parents rated their children where stresses extreme. 36% of children worried more this year than last year appeared 45% reported difficulty sleeping. it appears that the younger generation is following their parents stressed out examples. 89% of adults reported significant stress. 42% said they worried more than last year. money and were still the biggest stressors -- money and work were still the biggest stressors. >> to the degree that we failed
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to manage stress, we put ourselves at risk for long term, physical, and emotional consequences. >> it is a grim picture of an ancious nation -- an anxious nation. >> while stress is a part of life, doctors say he is important to try to lower stress levels through the thick to be like exercise and listen to your kids and try to provide them with predictability, structure, and stability at home. >> there is a cold front coming through. temperatures were in the 60's earlier this afternoon. they're wrong to draw up a notch tomorrow. we will have a double-barreled surge of cold coming in. it will not produce scattered showers year.
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we have a few -- it will not produce scattered showers here. we have a few scattered clouds. there is a sign that the cold air is moving our way. frost advisory is are up for more than baltimore, howard, and beckoned to washington countered also on the eastern shore -- to washington county -- and back into washington county and it along the eastern shore. it will be cold overnight. any late season glowing will probably come to an end in some of the suburbs with temperatures dropping near 30 degrees. a cool front made its way through our region with almost no weather associated with it. the may have noticed a bit of clout of a buildup in the afternoon. there was a burst of wind behind
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the front through the late afternoon and early evening. that will diminish as the high pressure comes in. the next clipper-like system is coming in and it will drop it -- it will rapidly drops out. that will bring the second surgical there. with that, there may be a few snow showers. it will be a clear and frosty morning. watch how quickly that next system arrives with clouds quickly increasing across the area through the afternoon. by leaving tomorrow, there will be a chance for some scattered rain showers. these may be snow showers in pennsylvania, parts of western maryland, and, on thursday, here comes that patch of warm air. there will be a few light showers here in the afternoon. in the mountains, there will be some snow showers by thursday afternoon. temperatures will be well below normal thursday and friday. clouds are on the increase to more with a sprinkle or light
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shower after sunset. the wind will be variable. western maryland, the high tomorrow will be 41 degrees. most of the there will be in the 30's. any showers that the bill could be mixed up with a little bit of snow. in these, you may see some snow showers as well. toward the bay, there could be a chance for a sprinkle or light shower. in ocean city, there will be a chance of a late-day shower. after sunset is when the showers could reach the beach. on the day tomorrow, there will be light and variable wind. there will be a slight chance for an evening showers tomorrow and then in the morning on thursday. then the temperatures will be in the -- will be normal. it still looks like a picture- perfect weekend. >> still ahead, there is a real
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mystery in the midwest. investigators are trying to find out what's happened to three college students who have not been seen in three days. >> and they found a time capsule from 1926. >> what is causing baltimore city schools to grow? >> helping to fight hunger in maryland, that story is coming up. [house] wow, i feel like a new house
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with a quick home energy check-up. [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. >> there is a growth spurt of sorts happening in baltimore city schools. >> it is the first student population increase in five years. >> a report being presented later tonight will suhow that enrollment will turn up for the better. some baltimore's johnny schools have been a moment on the rise. -- thisome baltimore county schs have been on the rise. the numbers fell by more than
5:26 pm
3500 before. this year, there are slight increases. this could be the start of a turnaround. >> we are coming out of a six- year read the where we saw a slight decreases -- a six-year atebb and we are starting to see slight increases. >> the school principal believes that he knows what the numbers are going up. >> we have families moving in all the time. we have high achievement schools. we constantly have families trying to move into our area. >> this is not a new trend for parents who long discovered the connection between the school and community. >> my husband was from harford county and lived there when we met. we weren't interested in moving back to the -- we were interested in getting back to the area where we movgrew up.
5:27 pm
>> catonsville middle school is about to get rid of portable classrooms -- cadenville middle school is about to get rid of portable classrooms and replace them with permanent ones. > we have breaking news. a search and rescue operation. >> the coast guard are working with the maryland state police. the coast guard came upon a kayak with no one in it. they're retrieved the kayak. they requested that the police respond to the area, where the river enters the bay, to help search for a possible victim in the water. right now, the state police helicopter is conducting a search along with two coast
5:28 pm
guard vessels. if we get any more information, we will bring it. >> plenty of people are struggling in this economy. many of them are buried in credit-card debt. but can getting help cost consumers even more? >> facebook friends can put your personal ♪ ♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable
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and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. >> em maryland man hire date that settler to help them get out from under his credit card bills. -- a maryland man hired a debt settler to help him get out from under his credit card bills.
5:30 pm
but he ended up in more trouble. >> near his home in cecil county, jim wilson watches the gentle slope of the river and reflects on the turmoil in his life. he tried to bridge the gap between his finances and he depended on credit cards. >> it was like free money. and then it came time to pay. >> caught up in credit-card debt, will send a $500, nearly half of his monthly income, as a downpayment for the services of the frederick law group. the company was supposed to help wilson settled that. he says that that never happened. >> he said, another has to be money somewhere. where is the money. >> wilson filed a complaint with the maryland attorney general. it was already well aware of
5:31 pm
richard brennan. in 2007, he was misused -- he was accused of misusing client money. instead, he used the money for travel, expensive cars, a home in montgomery county, and company debt. >> when somebody promises to pay your creditors and you use it to pay your own newseeds, i thik you're stealing. >> he was ordered to stop selling debt management services. he continued selling debt settlement services. the attorney grievance commission disbar him. in april, a judge found him in contempt of court. he released only after turning over bank records.
5:32 pm
>> it was rather humiliating. >> we spoke with him outside of his montgomery county home. >> the way this was presented by the attorney general's office is that you ripped off your clients. is that what you did? >> no. >> he claims that his clients average debt was $19,000. he was charging clients $2,500 to $3,000 toward an initial consultation. there were additional fees of $4,000 to $6,000 for attorneys' services and to reach a settlement. it was all spelled out in letters sent to clients. >> at no time did we ever tell them that we would pay their debt any more -- their debt every month. >> he had no right to sell services he could not lawfully perform where he was exaggerating when he could do. >> many complained about paying
5:33 pm
for his services and knocking their debts paid. brennan blames his troubles on poor accounting. he does admit that he enjoyed living large. >> i did like spending money on nice things for myself. as for a truly lavish lifestyle, that may have been somewhat overstated. >> when the state caught up with him, he says he was forced to sell his car, are on his home, and everything else feels to help save the firm. >> when did you knew that things are going to turn around. >> when the bar came to the door and said we want our license, we want your head. >> he says that this has all taken a toll on him. >> my mother refused to speak to me. the consumer complaints began and my family and invited me during the holidays -- by family and inviteuninvited me during te
5:34 pm
holidays. never was the intent to harm a single person. >> disbarred and without a job, he must find a way to pay back jim wilson and the many other clients who went to him for help. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. defense attorneys for the twin brothers accused of setting fire to a pit bull spent all day trying to convince a judge not to send the case to the adult system but this afternoon, the judge sided with the state and decided that the brothers will be tried as adults. they say that they're serious public safety risks and accused them of being involved in gangs. maryland state police have discontinued the silver alert. the alert was issued for 84- year-old arthur melky. was reported missing after not
5:35 pm
returning home. he was found this morning. the silver alert system began october 1. we now know what was inside a time capsule that was unearthed during a demolition project this summer. it was buried in 1926 on the side of what used to be a catholic home for elderly women. there was a year book published by the catholic review and remnants of a american flag. the bishops ex accepted the capsule. >> still ahead, a woman and her daughter are accused of stealing from a 9-year-old girl. >> coming up the 6:00 p.m. county officials now have answers for the home and its owner where the shooting happened on halloween weekend.
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>> we have some late breaking
5:39 pm
details out of ohio. two more bodies have been found in a convicted rapist home. six bodies were found decomposed on the decomposing in his home over the weekend. -- six bodies were found decomposing in his home over the weekend. now there are eight so far. he is in jail and has been charged with five counts of aggravated murder. three dickinson state university softball players are identified as ashley neufeld, kristin gear month, [unintelligible] they had talked about water and a friend said they heard historical which is in the background. >> we hope the students are found and that they are found to be safe and our thoughts and our prayers go to the students, their families, and their
5:40 pm
friends. >> authorities used airplanes and officers on the ground to search a 30-mile radius around the cellphone tower where the phone call came through. so far, no luck. >> two women convicted of stealing from a little girl had to admit their crimes in a very public way. they spent part of the day holding signs outside of the western pennsylvania courthouse. they read, "i stole from a 9- year-old girl on her birthday." they swiped a gift card. >> it is rehabilitation for these women to stand up here and say that they stole from a 9- year-old girl on her birthday. that is certainly part of the process for owning up to what you did in front of all of these people out here. >> the prosecutor says that, in exchange for the public punishment, he will ask for probation instead of jail time. >> as the economy shows signs of
5:41 pm
recovery, homeowners are walking away from their mortgages. >> [unintelligible] >> the cold front making its way through the region will bring in some chilly november air and maybe some snow showers. right now, there it -- right now, is still 61 degrees in baltimore. baltimore.
5:42 pm
>> good afternoon, everyone. here's a look at what we're looking on before 6:00 p.m. >> i am outraged. no one should have this happen in their neighborhood. >> county officials are demanding answers from the owner of a home where a halloween party turned deadly over the weekend. it is election day for some maryland residents has two cities are electing mayors. we have the latest on voter turnout in annapolis. we have this and much
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>> it looks as though the american auto industry may be climbing out of its year-long slump. today, chrysler and gm had their turn. while not everyone had good news, it was enough that automakers were hoping to show that the u.s. economy was turning around. >> sales for u.s. automakers and october revealed positive signs that americans are buying again, following a clash for koppers hangover -- a cash for clunkers hangover. sales were up 1.4% in october from a year ago. >> we are not declaring a victory. we're here to talk about progress.
5:45 pm
we are still seeing some fundamentals in the market making marked improvements. >> this comes a day after ford motor co. reported a 3% jump in its october sales. cars and crossover vehicles are leading the way. >> all of their cars were at 11%. crossovers, the car based utilities were up 3%. >> these are numbers that are moving in the right direction for major carmakers. for chrysler, it is a long road to recovery. sales tumbled 30% last month from a year ago. the car company says that sales are improving little by little. in the past year, chrysler and gm have taken government-backed loans to avoid bankruptcy. in the process, they restructured their business models by closing hundreds of dealerships. but the auto industry is still struggling to find solid ground in the midst of a national recession where credit is limited and consumer spending and confidence has dropped.
5:46 pm
>> we are coming off of a rather quiet month of october. so far, we have dry conditions in early november. but you kind of have a trend here. whenever we get a saudi october, the trend seems to be that it ends -- whenever you get a soggy october, the trend seems to be that it end up picking up. look what happens in some of the other ones. in 1932, there were over 7 inches of rain, followed by a really snowy winter. in 1885, that was the 10th wettest october.
5:47 pm
six point to 4 inches was the 12th wettest october on record. we will see if it holds. these patterns are not always rock-solid. but it does seem to be the trend around here. if a wet october comes your way, you tend to have a little more snow in the snow season. it was a dry day today. we have sunshine and a few clouds. we did hit 66 degrees in downtown baltimore. you can see the little band of cloudiness coming through the mid-atlantic region. it did not have enough moisture to produce anything more than a few scattered clouds. we're holding around 60 degrees in many areas near the bay. the light blue shaded counties from no. baltimore and back to washington county and over to howard and montgomery county are on frost advisory tonight.
5:48 pm
freeze warnings are puppets up in parts of pennsylvania. -- are up in parts of pennsylvania. that front will be followed by another surge of cold air. a second one comes rapidly moving south and east, pushing through here wednesday night and thursday morning. so there will be one blast of cold followed by another. that will send temperatures below normal for the next couple of days. there could be some snow showers, potentially a sunny morning, then cutting up in the afternoon, and a sprinkle of rain or two in the evening. western maryland, the highs will be in the low 40's. they have a chance for some snow showers tomorrow night and heading into thursday. i would be surprised if some of those snow flurries make their way to hagerstown and northern frederick county before things cleanout again on friday. there will be a 10-degree drop tomorrow.
5:49 pm
it will be 54 degrees on average tamara with a chance of an evening showers. -- on average tomorrow with a chance of an evening shower. it will be windy on friday so that 51 degrees will feel a lot colder. i think we will be in the low 60's by sunday and pushed into the mid-upper-60's after that. >> many people are walking away from their homes. >> because some homeowners zero more than their homes are worth, more of them are walking away from their homes. homeowners see little chance of rebuilding equity anytime soon. one in five borrowers to default on mortgage loans does so willingly, even though they are able to pay the mortgage. economists say that walking away hammers the housing economy.
5:50 pm
it also drag on the economy's recovery. some of the largest charities are looking in a bleak holiday season. the fragile economy will not rebound significantly enough to come to the native americans hurting, with hunger and homelessness. they expect conditions to drop by nearly 10%. while people have continued giving, they are getting smaller amounts. corporate giving in 2009 is expected to drop 3% to 5% if you're on facebook, have you checked your privacy settings? many users know about that. but there's more that you should be aware of. >> days and nights are busy for the donoghue family. when we dropped by their home, dad was still at work. the oldest kids are facebook users and their parents are right there with them. >> that is the reason i have a
5:51 pm
facebook pace myself, so that i can be friends with them and see what they are doing. >> they agreed to have a security check on their facebook pages. but we have a covert message. >> do you know anybody named stephanie jefferson? >> they are she is. beshear dick, you all except her as a friend. -- yesterday, you all except her as a friend. [laughter] she is right here in the trim, but not exactly what you think. she was treated at a thin air -- she was created out of thin air in a small room. they were hired by banks and corporations to keep hackers had of their systems. but even facebook can be targeted by the wrong people. >> do not put it on line if
5:52 pm
you're not willing to have the creepy guy at the bus stop watching. >> these days, they are not creepy guys, but they were watching the donnie years through their facebook connection. -- the donahues through their facebook connection. >> i told them not to put any upcoming trips, only commented after they get back. >> even with those precautions, cindy jefferson slept through. >> it is a mind-set. you're not thinking like a criminal, you can put something innocuous on your side that can be used by a criminal. >> they have moved a lot and assumed that the name may be different from the past. do you share your e-mail address, birthday, the name of
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your pet? if you share those things, you may want to reconsider. redeeming frequent-flier miles may seem like a good option. with the airline industry struggling, even the more loyal fliers are finding fewer free rides. >> unfortunately, these tickets are not really free. >> so plan ahead. do your homework. and compare the cost of that with an actual ticket just to make sure they were making the most of those smiles. >> -- the most of those miles. >> for more information, you can do to our website compound -- you can find out on our website,
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the subset butterball are standing by to answer your turkey-roosting questions. users have responded to our new local page. you can see photographs and more. plus, you can submit your own photographs. >> we have more questions about the halloween party that turned deadly in colombia. >> who is demanding answers from the homeowners? >> [unintelligible] they are here to help money -- they are here to help money -- there to help
5:55 pm
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>> there is a bus that is turn the country helping people making have details of their finances. is stopping in baltimore this week. >> de "your money bus tour" is getting people advice. >> there it is. it is stopping in baltimore this week, sponsored in part by a mere trade and kipplinger's. it is going across the nation, pulling into more than 25 cities and offering free financial advice to anyone who needs it could crush people needed. they're looking for it. if they do not know where to look for it. this is a time when all of the institutions they have counted on for years have let them down. >> advisers will be meeting with people who shot on wednesday, thursday, and friday at any of the bus tour locations. since the recession, people are
5:58 pm
hungry for help with their money. >> the advisers are not commissioned salespeople. they're not to be selling anybody anything. they are fee-only advisers and they will be offering advice for free in this case. >> at a seminar wednesday night, you can hear from national experts. >> we will have a national panel of guests who will be answering questions. >> the bus has two main goals, to reduce personal debt and help people start to save money. >> is for everyone who is starting off [unintelligible] >> it will start out in front of city hall. to find out exact locations and times, log onto our website, >> so we will both be there, right? >> definitely. [laughter] we needed, right?
5:59 pm
if you missed any of this broadcast, but it will rebroadcast tonight. >> here is what is coming at 6:00 p.m. crash there is outrage died from howard county officials who say that the owners of the home where a shooting happened at a party have some explaining to do. >> the teenaged was accused of burning a pit bull to death will be tried as adults. -- the teenage twins accused of burning it people to death will be tried as adults. >> we have what this could signal about president obama and the democratic party. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening, everyone. howard county officials are speaking out after this weekend's deadly shooting at a halloween party in colombia. >> the county executive wants answers from the owners of the home where the party was held. home where the party was held.


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